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“Mama, what is it?” The tiny green-eyed girl extended a fat fist clutching the spent bloom of a dandelion. The young mother squats in front of the diapered child; eye to eye she begins the lengthy explanation of a flower’s life. Too many words distract the little one and she turns away. Using her pudgy fingers she begins plucking at the tail end of a nearby earthworm.

A gurgling squeal of delight greets her newest discovery as the slimy, wriggling mass swings in her fist. “Mama, what is it?!” Feet stomping with delight, she celebrates her victory before giving a quizzical look to her parent and asking again, “What is it, Mama? What is it?”

Mama rushes to wipe the grime from her daughter’s hands before explaining the child’s latest discovery. Exhausted by never-ending questions, the mother scoops the chunky bundle into her arms and wraps her in a loving embrace. “Aren’t you the curious one, Sweetpea?” Their eyes meet only briefly before a furrow forms between the eyes of her offspring. The little one wriggles in dismay trying to free herself.

Upon her release, the girl presses her sausage fingers against her mother’s cheeks and without a word, directs the older face to hold still. With one hand on Mama’s cheek, the green eyes squint as the other hand reaches out to the protruding beauty mark on her mother’s chin. Mystified, she touches the soft, brown mole and pulls at it delicately before breaking into a mostly toothless smile and asking “What is it, Mama? What is it?!”

~Tam Veilleux



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