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Once an essential part of the apothecary’s repertoire, rosemary, the ancient culinary herb, was prescribed to many an ailing Frenchman for their faltering livers and weakened minds. As my fingers brush the waist-high bush, I inhale the aroma of the piney bows and I am led to contemplate the visions of a medieval Mediterranean hamlet.

At once, I imagine the cloaked maiden being drawn in by the tiny pale blue flowers. She bends at the waist to first sniff and then pluck off the stiff evergreen leaves on their branches, quickly pushing them into her woven basket. With several limbs in tow, she traipses home to Mama’s kitchen where the harvested “Mary’s Mantel” is briskly rinsed, brewed and honeyed as an informal anecdote for grand-pare’s feeble memory. He sniffs the pungent drink before putting his lip to the cup’s porcelain edge and drinking in his tonic while in the corner of the farmhouse kitchen, Mama’s worried appearance begins to fade.
~Tam Veilleux~



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