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I see you in your blueish-black finery, staring at me from your multistory perch. You have dominion over my yard and indeed, my entire soul. I may pay the tariffs here, but you, dear Raven, hold court over my perennial beds and rock pathways, making even the Johnny-Jump-Ups seem to stand taller. For me, your presence is healing. Your shrieking call, as I enter your space, shifts me into deep thought.

As I turn and walk away from you and your royal throne, your black eyes pierce through me. The magic of your sharp stare cuts through my back and seeps into my chest. Your powerful mysticism sneaks into my consciousness and I wonder what secrets you keep tightly tucked under the blackness of those wings and what secrets of my own I may need to purge.

I stand at the threshold of my home’s front door as dusk creeps across the land in its long, sleepy shadows. I watch you lift into flight, taking with you my darkest riddles ripe for transformation, alchemy in action on the feathery wings of a spiritual healer.


~Tam Veilleux~



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