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     “Can you feel the power?”  Those faint words echo on the wind as I stand staring out at the magnificent vista before me.  As far as my eye can see, different arrangements of huge, red rocks jut out towards the sky, raising their fingers as if in prayer to the gods of the sky and earth.
     The Garden of the Gods, a place considered sacred by Native Americans, holds many energy vortexes within its boundaries.  Some people feel the water which flows within the park is imbued with healing powers.  All I know is the sense of utter peace and calm that overtakes me whenever I stand here immersed in nature’s glory.  The stress and hassles of every day life lift from my shoulders and I am renewed once more.  Thank you, Mother Earth, for allowing me to be a part of this wondrous place.
~J.K. Ingersoll~



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