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I’ve seen peacocks strutting around the yard of a Houston retreat center many times before.  Their luminescent tail feathers are meant to lure the peahens but I am always drawn towards them, hoping they will fan their mating feathers in a display just for me.

This day was different, somehow. My sister, sister-in-law, niece and I were on the island of Oahu visiting an exquisite tropical garden. Amongst the bird of paradise flowers, beautiful orange petals touched with a kiss of blue, the Hawaiian peacocks attempted to attract their favorite peahens.  The four of us followed them closely, hoping they would reveal themselves in all their glory. The peacocks moved in and out of the flowers almost as if they were doing everything in their power to avoid us, so we began to follow one in particular.

How do you trick a peacock into believing you aren’t chasing him? Although we intended no harm, he didn’t know that. We moved one direction and he deftly dodged us. We darted another direction and he hid again.  Our glorious peacock did not grace us with a display of color, but he did drop one colorful feathered memento which we gratefully gathered as a reminder of our trip to paradise.

~Cathy Chapman~



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