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To my beloved granddaughter on her wedding day:

Even though your grandfather and I can only be with you in spirit, I wish for you the blessings of a long life with your best friend.  I remember when as a young girl, you would wish you could find a love as pure and deep as your grandfather and I had for each other.  Just remember, not every day with your soul mate will be perfect.  There were trials and tribulations and frustrations but we never lost track of that deep and abiding love we shared together.  Neither one of us had to be “right” every time.  I know you have that same kind of love for your young man.  Pick your battles.  Learn the art of compromise.  And never EVER leave each other angry or without saying goodbye.  That is my wish for you…a well-rounded life full of love, happiness and the “knowing” that “you” are the luckiest two people in the entire universe.

~J.K. Ingersoll


Marriage is an eternal commitment bonding together two hearts, two minds, and two souls. It encourages oneness as it tests the retention of individuality, all this while under the watchful eye of the world. Two starry-eyed mortals unite in passion as they pledge their devotion to one another, merging their souls in a timeless dance for all the universe to witness. The never-ending “I do” — known as marriage — spans the breadth and width of all religions, removing borders, thereby earmarking the sacredness of the institution.

~Tam Veilleux



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