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Through my open car window, I saw this pair, a young girl and a woman walking hand in hand. Scenes of my own childhood washed over me, playing endless loops in my mind as a sense of déjà vu overcame me. Others might see a poor neighborhood with shacks of identical houses stacked side by side, but I see a real home.

The young child clings dearly to the adult, both seem equally happy, probably thinking of their next move behind a door left lazily opened like a grand entrance to a palace. Here are two hopeful souls with one heart approaching a home perhaps festooned inside with careful love and care. No latch key kids here… ultimately a parent or guardian is doing and teaching a sensible act of responsibility on the art of home life.

With a smile created by this timely visual reminder, I drove on, feeling awed and inspired to fill my own family home life.

 ~Myles Saulibio



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