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The mesmerizing waves steadily roll in, caressing the shore before retreating, all power and perpetual motion. The life force of the earth is breathing deeply.

I am transfixed as the hypnotic motion slowly draws the tension out of my body, soothing my troubled soul. I witness the waves turning, twisting, bubbling and shifting, finally lapping onto the shore.

My concerns are insignificant as I take in the ancient vastness and mysterious depths. I am honored by its endless beauty and respect its untamed magnitude.

I feel a oneness with life as my senses absorb the scent of the damp, salty breeze, the squawking cry of the seagulls, and the feel of the wet, gritty sand beneath my bare feet.

The constant movement of the water creates compelling sounds that I am at a loss to describe – somehow roaring, crashing, whooshing, whispering and hushing all at the same time in its wild strength.

I escape from the mundane for the day, gazing out at the beautiful, sparkling sunset on the endless horizon, wishing I could somehow take the healing with me when I leave. My spirit is renewed and at peace from the pure, infinite essence of the ocean.

~Barb Roehler

I am filled with wonder when I look at the ocean and imagine the unseen world beneath its surface. The waters can be so calm yet there is an entire universe swimming and eating, living and dying below.

When the waves crash and roll toward land, we humans run to safety, yet all who live beneath the waters find security within the depths. Humans may be altered by the many moods of the ocean, but those who live within its confines are rarely disturbed.

Some humans dive beneath the surface to merge for brief moments with the many species there. I remember watching my sister as she spent time swimming with an elderly turtle. She described the experience as sacred, communing with a living being so different from herself. The ocean contains so much that is unknown, yet it brings us great peace when we play within its waters.

~Cathy Chapman



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