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It beckons me with its white-hot, flickering tendrils of flame, calling me to join in its mesmerizing waltz. I watch as the fire jumps and leaps in an unrestrained ballet of beauty, shifting, swaying and changing form endlessly. The ash-laden logs are glowing brightly in contrast to the inky, black night.

The fire crackles, sizzles, engulfs and consumes whatever it is fed into the constantly undulating blaze; its insatiable hunger is never satisfied. Respectful of its mysterious power and potential, I am fascinated by its ability to rage uncontrollably as a force of destruction, or burn with warmth as a tool of comfort and survival.

The heat of the campfire permeates my skin and I am completely lost as it captivates me; its molten glow shimmers slowly and steadily . . . smoldering into ash. Later, as I lie in my bed, the flames dance in my mind’s eye as I fall asleep.

~Barb Roehler

Flames dance before me, mesmerizing me with their ever-changing variation. The fire reminds me to accept the changes that flash into my life. No matter what happens to me, the core of who I am remains the same. My life seems like the fire. It pops, crackles and flares as events move within my life.

With safe and solid boundaries, the flames bring warmth to the body and heat to food. Without those boundaries, the fire runs amuck, damaging that which is in its path. As with fire, when I allow myself to explore and expand in joy, I bring light to those around me. When I become afraid, I withdraw into myself and quench my dazzling, inner beauty.

At other times, fear explodes within me like a flame, quickly burning those in my path. As a result, I choose to stay within the safe and gently expanding boundaries of love. That way, my inner light shines ever so brightly, revealing my true self as I allow the sacred fire of creative love to purify my little ego.

~Cathy Chapman



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