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You stand so majestic and feared, a pursuer of wild game.  With your wings wide-spread, you rise too high for my eyes to see, yet you can still see your prey with a precision bordering on miraculous.

I long for your alert perception . . .

To have a sense of responsibility and vigilance in moments of weakness.  To be always on the alert and have an attitude of gratitude.  To be not easily deceived yet have the grace to accept defeat.  To overcome all trials and tribulations with silent grace to do and become.  To have a greater comeback from a setback.  To really live and operate as if it was my last day.  To fly and soar above my problems for a better perspective but not too high to be humble and proud.

Oh, Hawk, you are a silent and honorable siren in the clouds, able to discern many things and flying tall over daily concerns.


~Myles Saulibio



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