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Even now I wish I could be lifted and hugged with pure happiness and abandonment. Would all my cares melt away? There are times I wish we had a normal family, and then I laugh. I wouldn’t want to give up anyone in my multi-blended, non-traditional family. There have been step-mothers, a step-father, step-siblings, an adopted brother, nieces and nephews who came with marriages. I continue to be connected from my heart with some of the “exes”. Now there is a same-sex partner who brings great joy and music. I often forget one we now call “sister” was a friend who needed a home several decades ago. Her husband, children and grandchildren have expanded our family with joy and delight. My heart is touched by the beauty and diversity held within them all. Love created us all. How sacred is the love that binds us together.

~Cathy Chapman

I woke up that morning with a huge smile in my heart, my body brimming with anticipation for the day ahead. It was Christmas. Outside, big, fat snowflakes were drifting lazily to the ground, and inside my family was cozily congregated at our house. My son had ridden in a crowded bus for eight hours to get here, and it was a rare visit by my daughter and her new husband, being the newlyweds that they were. Both my children had moved out earlier in the year and I was having a hard time adjusting to this new phase; for the past twenty-three years, my life had been all about them and I missed them dearly.

Finally, we were all together, time receding as we sat talking, laughing, telling inside jokes about each other, and most of all . . . reconnecting. Excellent wine was poured, presents opened, and good food prepared and eaten. I could feel gratitude and warmth filling my body, mind and soul for the cherished gift that I had been given.

I knew that eventually they would have to leave, and that the parting would be bittersweet, but we accomplished something beautiful that day that would give me comfort in the long months until we could be together again. We had established a new beginning for a different way for us to belong together, as all families must eventually do. What I discovered on that lovely Christmas day was that it is our love for each other that binds us as a family, not the location.

 ~Barb Roehler



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