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“Son, I have something for you. Your father wanted you to have it.”

My heart caught in my throat. It had only been two weeks since Dad passed away and now, Mom with trembling hands, held a small, white box out to me. Thoughts raced through my mind. What on earth could it be?

I made a big show of sitting down, but my legs gave out really; I just didn’t want Mom to see it. The box, so small I could cradle it in my hands, gave me goose bumps; it was as though my dad was looking over my shoulder saying, “I’m fine, son. I love you. I just wanted you to have a way of remembering me, a symbol of the good times we had together.”

Inside the box was his beautiful ring.

“I gave it to your father as a symbol of my love before you were born,” I heard mom say. “And now he’s given it to you.”

~J.K. Ingersoll



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