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I peer over the edge of my coffee mug through the frosty maze of the glass.
From the safety of my crazy quilt cocoon,
I witness a million snow flakes
pirouetting in unison.

Beyond the barrier of the window pane, the brilliant feather-light
iridescent crystals of palest blue-white whirl gaily in their
casual winter dance.

The dancers transform themselves into a velvety blanket
of white as they drift to sleep on the
crispy brown grass.
They have taken their final bow.

As hills become suddenly pregnant with drifts of ivory,
green needles of pine bend under the burden
of the light flakes gathered
en masse on their
naked limbs.

The branches ache to free themselves of the obligation.

A winter enigma, the snow is
singularly cold and nearly weightless
in multiples, warm and heavy.
We love it and we loathe it
all in the same solitary

For this moment, I prefer the comfort
of this threadbare quilt
and my coffee mug.


~Tam Veilleux




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