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I was just thinking of the farm the other day, reflecting on all of the time we spent gathering eggs, shuffling chickens around, coercing pigs into their pens, and goading cows into the corral. He would approach from the front, sweet talking the animals, while I would sneak around the back and surprise them with a quick finger-flick to their backsides to get them moving.

Whether farming, hunting or pretending to sleep at night, no words were spoken or even needed. Thick as thieves, my brother and I, I knew where he was going and he always knew where I would be. The silent raising of an eyebrow and the pursing of lips was all that was required to set us in motion.

Not only do we share parents, it’s as though we share one mind, one energy system. My brother, my partner-in-time.

~Tam Veilleux



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