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To me, the phases of the moon resemble the ups and downs of my life. I look upon the grace of the lunar fullness and my heart swells. The many blessings which have graced my life pop one by one into my mind.

As the moon begins to wane, I reflect upon how the fullness of my life seems to fade at times. Then comes that point where there is no visible moon, or should I say . . . just the barest hint of an outline. The whole moon, now hidden from sight, reminds me of myself as I often hide who I am from the world.

As the new moon is soon to be seen again, I know I can bring forth the “sacred” within me that I’ve been hiding. The waxing of the moon, as it again moves to fullness, is symbolic of my continued inner growth. And then, the moon is full again as I let my gifts shine in a world overshadowed with darkness.

 ~Cathy Chapman



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