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Time is a funny thing. We adore the hours spent with “family and friends”, yet despise the few minutes it takes to spread frosting on warm cake and wait to taste the reward. The long seconds between grandmother’s intake of breath while at death’s door drastically opposes the glorious but fleeting seconds of orgasmic waves that overtake us while in the throes of love making.

Time can be friend or foe, ally or enemy, and regardless of our joy or despair will continue as the universal management tool devised to bring eternal order to what would be an otherwise chaotic existence.

In the words of John Archibald Wheeler, “Time is what prevents everything from happening at once.”

Sacred moments, both high and low, are held in the sands of time.

~Tam Veilleux

The hourglass of time is turned and the sand reused. Precious moments of life come but only once, never to be seen again.

Stop… listen… see… feel. What sounds do you hear? What loved one do you see? What is your heart calling you to do before time runs out?

Breathe in deeply the “sacred” held within this very moment. Only when fully present can you freeze the “now” into a snapshot of beloved memory to treasure carefully within your heart.

Release regrets and pain as they crowd out present joys. Look gently to the future but savor the experiences of today. The present becomes the past as the sand slips though the narrow opening in our hourglass of life. Be ever aware of what is “with you” and “within you” at this very moment in this time.

~Cathy Chapman




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