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Hello, strange little plant. Would you mind if I broke off a part of your gel-filled leaves? The burn on my finger is in need of your comfort. As I open you to use the gel, I remember the day my mother introduced me to you. My sunburn was blistering. Such exquisite pain. She gently rubbed the gel on my back and wha-la . . . I was able to go on a date that night. Oh, the fun we had and never a lick of pain. I wonder if her mother had used it on her.

Did you know people have been using you for healing at least since at least 1750 BC? The Hebrews and Egyptians considered your juice to be sacred medicine. Alexander the Great once conquered an island in order to have enough aloe to keep in his medical supplies. You were used after battles to bring healing to the horrors inflicted upon the soldiers.

What a history you have! Now you grow in my yard, always ready to soothe my cuts and burns. Thank you for taking care of my finger.

~Cathy Chapman



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