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I am in awe. The dancers’ feet shuffle and move in perfect coordination to the music. It used to sadden me that I had so little sense of rhythm. I had always said I could not dance.

Then finally one day, a friend refused to accept my declaration any longer. She took me by my hands and made me close my eyes. “Feel the music in your body,” she softly implored. “Move with the music as it dances within you.”

As I slowly abandoned my fears of ridicule for my ineptitude at dance, my body began to sway with the beat of the instruments. Soon my feet began to shuffle, and then to move with greater vigor. My closed eyes allowed me to look inside to the rhythm of life within my soul. It was then, my companion gently released my hands, as I needed her no more. I jumped and turned and moved my feet in the exultation of finding the sacred rhythm resonating within me.

~Cathy Chapman



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