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Oh say, can you see me standing below you, transfixed by your majestic beauty waving in the breeze. You fly so high in the sky where everyone may look upon you. My eyes become moist as all that you represent fills my heart.

All too often, I take for granted the many freedoms you signify. You assure that I may speak my piece no matter who agrees or not. My soul may search to worship the Almighty in any form I choose. You guarantee I may pursue my happiness through all lawful means. You symbolize the ability to change the course of government by the radical act of casting a ballot, and without the age-old struggle of having to pick up a gun.

My tears spill over when you no longer wave, but instead, solemnly enfold the casket of one who gave their “sacred gift of life” for the land of the free and the home of the brave.

 ~Cathy Chapman



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