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She had been told since birth she was not enough in so many overt and subtle ways, and in her innocence, buried that belief deeply in her body and mind until it had completely fused with her very being. She felt unworthy and insignificant, and in protecting herself from the hurt, pulled a shroud of numbness around her heart.

There was, however, a tiny spark of hope left inside that hadn’t been destroyed. Somehow, she had the idea if she could be good at something, she could prove them all wrong and redeem herself. Over the years, she had tried many different things, but always failed to perfect whatever she set out to do . . . redemption from her torment always just outside of her grasp.

Stubbornly, she kept going anyway, insisting that she had to find that special something she could be good at sooner or later. The years went by, the failures wearing down her soul, until she almost gave up up, exhausted by the battle. Nevertheless, she found it in herself to keep seeking, and bit by bit, slowly learned to trust herself – but it was still not quite enough to make her feel whole.

Then one day, underneath her tears of utter and total frustration, she finally received a revelation that what she sought had been there along. She realized it was in her unfailing faith in herself and persistence itself where her worthiness lay. Her feelings of worth and trust in herself severed the last tether that held her soul captive and released the veil she had kept in place for so long – allowing her true self to shine beautifully through.

~Barb Roehler



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