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Rhythms and lyrics stream together, flowing forth to seep into our minds, spiraling sensually and fluidly down through our bodies, saturating them with sound.

The beat showers us with sensation as it slips in through our senses, touching the depths of our being, time and space receding as we submit to it.

A primal connection made, giving our hopes, longings and pain a voice, bringing comfort and solace to our souls. We bathe in this powerful language rich with culture, totally immersed in the nostalgia of times past and of dreams yet to come. Songs speak to us, coax us into feeling better and lighten our burdens for awhile, encouraging us to keep going even when we think we can’t.

Songs wash over us softly with our tears, vibrantly in our celebrations, rhythmically in our rituals, and mournfully in our sadness. Songs grow up with us and fill a void that nothing else can, enriching our lives with expressive waves of chorus. Songs tell stories of love, of life and of spirit – connecting to us emotionally on many levels to let the music in.

No matter who you are, where you come from, or what you may be going through, songs can never be taken from you as they exist in your mind and your heart.

~Barb Roehler



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