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We grow on solid stems of green, our job — displaying a headdress of silken petals to entice those who come near. Needle-like thorns sprout from our slender beings. They protect us against misfortune. We snicker silently at the forgetfulness of those who don’t bring gloves.

Once the victor wins his way past our defenses and places us inside the crystal vase with others of our ilk, our magnificence is obvious. The heady scent, regardless of our color, fills the room and evokes recollections from those who will stop and allow it. We witness repeatedly the softening of a face as their eyes move to retrieve memories. Often a deep sigh is released as he or she bends to inhale our perfume; it’s as though drawing in our aroma will bring the past impression forward.

We represent love and beauty and when woven with events such as weddings, funerals and prayer, we acknowledge our brilliant traipse through history. We have stood the test of time and our appeal knows no socio-economic limits; we are preferred by the masses.

And, as we stand in the sunshine, tethered to the soil by our deep roots, and perform our jobs as ladies-in-waiting, the question we most often ask is “Will they bring their gloves?”

~Tam Veilleux



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