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Back when I was growing up in Pittsburgh, I used to notice statues of the Virgin Mary gracing many lawns and gardens of the houses in my neighborhood. I loved the beauty of all the statues, surrounded by the lush and fragrant flowers. But one particular statue meant a great deal more to me. It symbolized all that is good about love and faith.

My favorite aunt had great difficulty having children. She lost four babies – miscarriages, one stillborn, and another died after three days of life. But she never lost faith. She placed a large statue of Mother Mary near a beautiful fountain in her back yard. Then, she surrounded it with gorgeous flowers. Daily, she prayed to it for a child. And in God’s mercy, He saw to it that my aunt and her husband were blessed with my cousin.

To this day, whenever I see those statues in anyone’s yard, I say a prayer for my aunt, and remember her faith.

~J.K. Ingersoll


Dear Virgin Mother, I’ve often wondered what you were doing before the angel came. Perhaps you were kneading dough for the day’s bread, or cutting vegetables for the evening stew. The ordinariness of your day was suddenly interrupted by an angel of bright light. His greeting fell upon your ears. “Hail Mary, full of grace.” He then asked you, a child by today’s standards, if you would be willing to carry the infant who would change the world.

Did the repercussions of being unmarried and pregnant go through your mind? Did you wonder what you could possible say to Joseph, your betrothed, to explain a baby he would know was not his own?

On that fateful day two millennia ago, your faith in God and willingness to give all, began a series of events that continues to reverberate today. What courage and strength you displayed. You gave yourself selflessly to carry the one who would follow your example and give his very life for all who would accept his gift.

 ~Cathy Chapman




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