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I have survived since ancient times and been cherished by many. Across diverse cultures and beliefs, my sun-ripened fruit symbolizes life, death, birth, hope, prosperity and good luck. From Israel to Persia to China, Greece, Mesopotamia and more, I offer juicy clusters of water-laden pulp from my plump belly, spilling forth my tart goodness to heal and nourish your body.

My ruby-red ripeness has been a temptation across all time. A legend spoken of in Greek Mythology reveals the Goddess Persephone, who gave in to me by eating just six of my luscious seeds. As a result of succumbing to my enticement, she was forced to become the wife of Hades and remain in the Underworld for six months of the year.

Her Mother Demeter, Goddess of the harvest, in sorrow at losing her daughter to Hades, ceases all growth until her daughter is allowed to return to her. So it is because of my allure that Persephone brings the changes of the seasons back upon the earth with each return.

I am known for my beauty, color, health and flavor – my nectar having many uses. I give of myself to bring you an abundance of juices, jellies, sorbets, syrups, sauces and wine.

I bequeath my prosperity, life and abundance to you, my regal and distinctive crown fitting to my task.

 ~Barb  Roehler



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