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“Learn to empty your mind and to focus on your sensitivities.”

~Liara Covert

As I wandered down the street on our nightly walk, the dog sniffed at everything possible making this a slow and boring outing. The sun had set, but the faint glow of twilight still filled the sky. I started to peer into people’s windows where curtains were open just to occupy my time. The neighborhood was quiet, almost peaceful as families settled in for the evening.

From the window of a house behind a rusty iron fence bent with age and no longer standing erect, a golden-blue glow captured my attention. A candle burned below a beautiful, shining orb swirling with light which cast a dancing reflection on the window. It was brighter than it should be, almost inviting me to come closer. As the dog and I drew nearer, he began to growl, that low, “I sense the unfamiliar” sort of warning that tells of something coming but yet to be visible. “It’s ok,” I whispered to him, changing our direction.

I looked back; the candle had been blown out, and yet a faint golden-blue glow remained. “I’ll have to come by tomorrow,” I promised myself, as I noted that just a wisp of magic had occurred on our walk.

 ~Bonnie Cranmer


Do you like my fine hollow ball? You call it a Witch Ball. To understand the significance of this glass orb, you must realize that there was a time when being a witch was a sacred calling to provide healing and protection to those around me. What is now a beautiful decoration in your 21st Century was much, much more in the 18th Century.

I made it especially to capture spirits attempting to oppress you. As I constructed this glass sphere, I chanted incantations to make it more powerful. If someone sent an evil spell into your house, the strands within this glass ball captured it. You and your loved ones would be safe. When you look upon this beautiful glass, know that people once hung similar ones in the window of their cottages. They slept securely knowing they were protected.

 ~Cathy Chapman



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