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“Please excuse,” said the gentle Japanese woman in broken English. “I am Buddhist. This my aw-ter.” Her crooked finger pointed toward the elegantly dressed table with a large golden statue placed at the center.

She smiled at the sight of her guest standing quietly gazing at the display.

“I kneel today. I tell him my prayer for peace. I ask miracles, like he did. I say ‘no more heartache’. He listen. He hear me. I feel good inside.” She gently touched the arm of her guest, forcing eye contact, and spoke, “He teach me truth is inside me. I look quiet.  I . . .”  She stopped, obviously searching for words.

“You meditate?” came the offering of her new student.

“Yes, medi-tate. I be quiet and look inside self. Answers come and I am peace.” She placed her open palms together in front of her heart and respectfully bowed in front of Buddha in honor of his sacred message.

~Tam Veilleux

“When you realize how perfect everything is, you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky.”


He closed his eyes and took his first, deep cleansing breath. He had touched the carved face of peace. A deep sense of calm engulfed his being. The sweet smell of incense swirled around him. Things are as they should be, he understood now, yet to give in and to let go, stretched his ability to quiet his mind. Breath in, breath out…

Colors swirled in the blackness of his mind. Finding the peace.

 ~Bonnie Cranmer




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