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In the 12th Century, this beautiful bronze was created to remind the Hindu people of India of the dancing child saint. As the legend goes, the excited young boy of three made a journey with his father to the temple. We don’t know if the journey was long or short, but we do know the youngster desired food. The child searched for his father but couldn’t find him. Then, the sculpture of Shiva and Parvati drew him towards it. From this statue, he was miraculously fed milk until his hunger was sated. When asked by his father who fed him, he pointed to the sky, the home of the gods.

From that time on, the young boy, now known as Saint Sambandar, began to dance and sing in honor of Shiva. Before his death at what is believed to be at a young age, he sang and danced throughout the land. In his homage of Shiva, he composed hundreds of hymns to the one who fed him when he was young.

~Cathy Chapman



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