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As the monk began to cross the raging river, he noticed a scorpion trapped on a leaf caught on the rocks in the water.

At any moment, the rushing water could sweep the eight-legged creature to its death. Filled with compassion, the monk gently attempted to lift the scorpion to safety. The terrified arachnid repeatedly stung the man until he finally placed it safely upon the ground. When asked why he would undergo such intense pain for just a lowly creature, the monk replied, “It only does what it knows. I do what I must.”

In Tibetan Buddhism, these living saints devote their lives to relieving suffering of all kinds. The Bodhisattva walks upon the earth filled with compassion for all living creatures. Their soft heartedness has no limits. No matter how large or small, benevolent or harmful the creature, the Bodhisattva assists. Simultaneously, they silently cope with their own afflictions. Their path is the sacred journey to embodying the Buddha.

 ~Cathy Chapman



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