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Arlington National Cemetery, its haunting beauty stills me, its acres of headstones, stiff and sullen reminders of the loss that comes with war. They stand in stark contrast to the surrounding natural beauty of this burial ground. The air bears the weight of thousands of lost soldier’s spirits. My body trembles and a lone shudder runs up through my spine. To my left and to my right, there are only grave markers. I see only loss. I feel only reverence.

This, our nation’s most sacred and hallowed grounds, drops me to my knees. My breath, caught in my rising chest, is forced down by the lump in my throat. I cannot stop my own tears; the least I can do is weep openly for the loss of life that granted my own life its freedom. I am proud of these resting heroes and anguish for the families left with holes in their hearts.

 ~Tam Veilleux



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