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The dawn’s light sheds a soft beam of amber across his face and chest on this and every other morning during his daily ritual. From the side of the leather wrapped chair, I can see his weathered profile; he sits, deep in quiet concentration.

As one hand rests lightly on the Bible lying open in his lap, the other lies palm-down upon his heart. With closed eyes and a solemn face, his lips move with reverence. I witness as he mouths the sacred words that have brought peace and strength to millions. With each repetition, the 23rd psalm anchors him, allowing the day to unfold at will.

~Tamra L. Veilleux


The long, winding and sometimes deadly road stretches from Kabul to my final destination. Bleak, almost barren in the harsh Afghan winter, the road is a good, but unkind place for any weary soldier. I ride through this daunting valley of the shadows of death, yet I don’t fear any evil in its ever- present reality. I have no despair–for I am in His constant care.

~Myles Saulibio




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