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I try to ignore the seductive voice coming from the candy dish. “Please, don’t do this. Not now!” I beg.

“You know you want me,” the silky voice teases.

“Alright, I give in.” After hours of ignoring its call, I lunge for the treasures laying there. My moves are smooth; my intentions are not. Goods in hand, I dash for the bedroom.

I scatter the coveted foil-wrapped pieces across the linen and select one to carry to my nose, inhaling deeply. A gentle tug and the treat unravels, revealing a dark circle of pure delight. Once hidden from view, the chocolate now lies bare-naked, wearing only its smooth brown skin. I stare at it, wanting the moment to last forever but aching to get it into my mouth. A deep sigh escapes as I allow my fingers to pinch the surface and lift it to my nose once more. I taste. I smile. My eyes roll in ecstasy. A moan escapes me. My eyes close. This is my sacred moment, and I revel in it.

 ~Tam Veilleux



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