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Held high and tight against heaven’s underbelly, the dome is the architects’ greatest palette. Its empty convex form aches to tell a story. Colorful frescoes painted by the skilled hands of talented artists exalted to new heights through the help of leggy scaffolding speak of great historical moments. The massive arched plains hunger for design. From the huts of ancient civilization to the modern day music halls of this century, domes have been mastered over time. Their shape and form can be breathtaking, but the heights they reach, even more so.

Architectural domes in towering basilicas, Middle Eastern mosques, Roman state houses and other great halls, both ancient and contemporary, lend wisdom and grace to what could be otherwise static buildings. Moments in history are captured in oils and acrylic paint, decorating the broad arches. They remain on permanent display in the rafters of some of the world’s most important buildings. The hidden messages wrapped in symbolic forms can leave a viewer curious, leading them on a quest for answers.

The magical mystery associated with the gravity-defying heights of ceiling domes help create a sense of the sacred to the viewers. Forget the scientific process of the engineer; it is as though the hand of God is cupping the dome, holding it up for the observer and teasing people to decipher a secret message. The special appeal of the dome is witnessed in the arched necks and open mouths of the multi-aged audiences who stop to stare at the wonderment overhead.

~Tam Veilleux

Most walk by, eyes focused downward upon their feet, or being jostled against the tide of distracted people. I, however, tilt my head completely back as I dizzily attempt to capture details in each of the pictures painted in the dome above me. With childlike delight, my body turns in circles, arms extended outwards to keep my balance as I stare with awe and wonder at the artistry of others.

The perfect symmetry of the dome pulls me into the center of it. How I yearn to float upwards to examine the delicate details more closely. Those who created such architectural beauty have the sacred gift of creativity. I honor them as I again move forward with the busy-ness of my life.

 ~Cathy Chapman



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