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She had arrived!

Completely spent by her climb, she sat at the edge of the cliff. The late afternoon sun warmed her face while the heat from the earth rose around her causing the distant landscape to shimmer. She shaded her eyes with her hand until she could make out distinct paths carved on the desert floor where paws and hooves of the residents of this glorious place had walked time and time again.

As the shadows grew longer, a cool breeze from the higher mountains swept down and caressed her back, sending a chill through her body. An eagle had taken flight from a tree far below and now climbed effortlessly with the wind. She took a deep breath. Her senses filled with the scent of sage, cedar and cottonwood. The beauty of the vista had calmed and refreshed her. There was a stillness, and almost timeless presence in that place.

She leaned forward and slowly looked around to gather in the breathtaking panorama before her. And then, as she always did when on her cliff, she closed her eyes to see the sacredness of the earth more clearly.

 ~Bonnie Cranmer



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