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Grief with drenched book and candle christens the cherub time…..

~Dylan Thomas, Welsh poet

I am here. Slowly, time has wrapped around me the colors of age. My eyes are closed and my lips are sealed. No gentle brush of the skin from a warm, summer breeze. No aroma fills my nose from a fresh cut lawn or a turkey roasting. The taste of falling snow remains a mystery to my lips. I long to hear the children’s laughter as they pass by, on their way to another time… Only a few stop and look at me, waiting, to have who they long to see emerge from my still form.

Breathe deeply, close your eyes and feel me. Remember me. Smile for me. Be still in the knowing of your memory of me. Invite me to follow along, just over your shoulder, just out of sight. I am the faith you hold, the strength you carry and the love beyond understanding. We are solid.

 ~Bonnie Cranmer



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  1. 9-4-2011

    Tony – what a beautiful and inspiring blog. A great reminder that there are so many things to be thankful for every single day.

    What do I consider sacred? FAITH

    It’s what keeps us humble and grounded. It’s that silent, unseen strength that allows us to keep walking along our true path in life, even when that path gets rocky and narrow. It’s that solid foundation upon which we build dreams, hopes, love, and family. It’s the power we draw from to do those little, wonderful things which give our life real meaning and purpose…and hopefully allow us to reach out and touch the people and lives around us. It’s that “knowing” that even after the most terrifying of storms, there will be the peace and promise of a beautiful sunset.

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