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Before science provided the knowledge needed to plant, grow and harvest plentiful crops, villagers in what is now Northeast Mexico gathered for a ritual to the Lord of the Corn. Four brave men, in ceremonial dress, gathered before a pole 42.65 feet tall. Each man represented one of the four directions, North, South, East and West.

After tying ropes around their waists, they climbed high above the people who raptly watched with craned necks. One of the men, with great joy and delight, danced with abandon and precision on the top of the pole. They all flung themselves head-first into the air. With arms outstretched, they began to “fly” around the pole in wide circles until they reach the ground.

Their ancestors of old believed their daring ritual called the rain upon the earth. Seeds would then sprout and the people of each village would have the corn needed to live another year. Today, in the 21st Century, people still look in awe as the sacred ritual is repeated, giving a glimpse into the lives of those who struggled to live in centuries past.

~Cathy Chapman



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