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It is said that the present is pregnant with the future.

~ Voltaire

Time after time, there were pregnant women in my circle who shared their wonder at the miracle within them. I watched with amazement how it drew them together. They shared when they felt something new, how they were growing larger and after “the event” how their bodies returned to normal. I observed from the outside, not knowing how it felt, holding in my desire to be one of them.

Then, the miracle happened to me! That precious moment when I heard “it looks like you’re going to have a baby,” stopped me in my tracks. Racing thoughts of how does this work, how do I cope, what will happen to my life…and who is this person about to change my world? It didn’t matter. I was in love. I’m still in love, because I see my light shining through my baby’s eyes.

 ~Bonnie Cranmer

The pure wonder of life, moving within, kicking and stretching.
This child soon to burst onto the earth in quickly forgotten pain.

Flesh of our flesh, bone of our bone, life from our life, love from our love.
I protectively hold the child hidden within my swollen belly
Waiting to discover if you are son or daughter,
Questioning if I am worthy of nurturing this sacred gift of life.

My dreams are hidden dormant within the dark nursery of my womb.
I have felt the growth wondering if all is perfectly forming.

Now I look beyond the struggle of birth with anticipation,
The perfection of the focus of my love, of our love.
This child, the symbol of life continually moving forward
will soon bring deeper meaning to my future.

 ~Cathy Chapman



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