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My time is up, my old body weakened and tired.

I passed my secret knowledge on to my beloved son and his son after him, the sacred traditions given to me by my own father. I can rest knowing my lineage will carry on the heritage of our forefathers and the chain shall not be broken.

I healed the sick, the broken, and the weary. Spirit worked through me and guided my hands as they scanned ailing bodies for disease, stopping only when the dark energy showed me where illness lay.

I stayed with families, praying and mourning with them when there wasn’t much else I could do for their mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters.

I have brought a new baby into this life cherishing it as it took its first breath, and I held a child close to my chest, loving it, as it took its last one.

I helped the elderly go back home with relief as I now must also go.

I enjoyed the solemn ritual and the pure ceremony of healing; the chanting, the singing, the dancing, and the cleansing.

I healed in harmony with the ways of nature, and have been blessed in return by healing many souls.

Now I return home as I let my essence go to be reborn.

~Barb Roehler



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