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We became playmates because of her laughter. She was just four years old while I was a much older man. I was six. As the years passed, her contagious joy bonded us together. Through grade school, high school and college she possessed the ability to make me laugh. When she was eleven, she told me someday we’d get married, and of course we did. And I just knew we’d laugh throughout the day, and we did. From the start, I told her that her laughter had magical powers.

But sadly, the years eroded her joy. Jobs and homes have come and gone, the accident that permanently injured my back. We lost our firstborn and our only son was wounded overseas. Her own battle with cancer chipped away at her zest for life, and the laughter stopped . . . till today.

This morning we rushed to the hospital to see our first grandchild. As I watched her hold our grandson, his eyes opened and he gurgled. And she replied with a giggle that slowly bloomed into her trademark laughter. She looked at me with a joy that had been gone for so long. As I held back the tears that threatened to spill over, I said a silent prayer. “Thank you God. The “magic” is back.”

 ~J.K. Ingersoll



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