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Precious water holds balance between life and death. Sometimes it moves by chance. At other times, it is forced to rush over land, rock and sea on its way to its destination. Whether it springs from deep within the planet or is poured upon the earth, water is sustenance for life.

Blessed, water is used in sacred rituals the world over. It is poured over the heads of babies or seekers are immersed into it, welcoming them into a faith community through baptism. The symbolism is death to the old self and rising in new commitment to the sacred. Some religions use water to purify the body throughout the day after ordinary human acts. Still others gently place a bowl of water at the head of the body in the final act of ushering a loved one to the next world.

Amazing new photographs of water’s hidden crystalline structure charts the powerful effect of unseen vibrations on water’s structure. What you feel, say, think, and even the music you listen to and prayers you say can change the form and shape of the microscopic form of the water which comprising most of your body. Bless the water as you bless life and it will continue to nourish you.

 ~Cathy Chapman



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