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Excitement roared into theaters with the story of “a galaxy far, far away.” We immersed ourselves in the battle between good and evil with unexpected heroes. Luke, the gentle one, and the swaggering Han reached deep within to discover their yearning for “justice and life”. Despite insurmountable odds, they tapped into their inner knowing.

The “Force” was with them.

Since Star Wars first entered our lives, many have used “the Force” as a metaphor explaining the power of God. Others used “the Force” to explain accomplishment of great deeds by accessing their power of inner knowing, by trusting that the power within you can access great courage, wisdom and action. Star Wars portrayed the horror of the evil vs. good. The question of whether ordinary people in extraordinary situations could prevail kept everyone in suspense.

Star Wars has remained relevant over the decades. As a result of this ground-breaking movie, people still continue to explore “the Force within them” and surrounding all of us.

~Cathy Chapman



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