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They stood still in the pre-dawn darkness, waiting, as the cold, slightly mist-laden air swirled around them.   The young father knelt on the hard, desert earth; his wife sank down beside him.  He held his beloved new-born son in his arms.  The child was twenty days old today. On this day, he would be given a name.

The horizon took on a hue of blues and lavenders as the first rays of the coming sunrise peaked over the edge of the earth chasing the fog away.  The sun’s rays crept across the land; it would be a few minutes before they blessed the top of the sacred mesa with their light.   Slowly . . . those golden rays, the fingers of the Great Spirit, danced along the earth until the top of the mesa glowed a bright reddish-gold.  The young father held his son up high before him and named the child, “the bringer of truth”, a sacred name for a sacred child in this sacred place.

~J.K. Ingersoll~





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