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Aaahhhhhhhh….Java.  Joy Juice.  Hot, dark motivation.  Nectar of the Gods.  Your Morning Elixir.  The Essence of Life as we know it.  The “best way to Wake up each Day”.

No matter what you call coffee . . . just remember, the next time you’re sipping a caramel macchiato, a flavored latte, or an iced peppermint, white chocolate mocha, you can thank your lucky stars that around the 9th century in Ethiopia (800 A.D.), a little-known shepherd named Kaldi discovered the joys of coffee.

Legend has it Kaldi saw his goats dancing after eating a red fruit (which turned out to be coffee beans).  He wondered if the unusual behavior of his animals was caused by their consumption of this unknown substance, so he indulged in some himself.

A while later, a local Imam (a religious leader) wandered by and saw Kaldi dancing with his herd.  This Imam also tried it and experienced the same results.  He shared this wondrous discovery with others and so it was, the popularity of coffee grew rapidly.  This story is called the “The Legend of the Dancing Goats”.

So next time you’re experiencing that sacred moment . . . your first sip of coffee in the morning . . . perhaps you will think of Kaldi and his dancing goats and maybe even kick up your own heels with joy.  (Or maybe not . . . but you have to admit, you will probably smile, none-the-less.)

~J.K. Ingersoll~






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