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There wasn’t much time . . . I stood in the store, in front of the bin of dark, green spheres which held the rich, smooth goodness I desired. The stack of fruit trailed upward and held the mark of many hands picking through the mass for the perfect specimen. I reached into the pile. I let my fingers linger gently, caressing the skin, barely touching the delicate texture as I tried to decide. Which would serve the ultimate purpose, sacrificing itself to the delights of the bowl, to be mashed and blended into the guacamole of gods?

No, this was not going to be difficult. It had to be quick. I was on a mission! Get the bag of avocados home and make the dip before everyone arrived to celebrate. Tradition was to be honored. The table would be covered in yellow and ready for the feast. The napkins, red and folded into a fan-shaped arrangement would compliment the silverware, all polished, shining brightly and laid out in order. The bowl of guacamole, a gorgeous green, in the center of the bowl filled with warm corn chips fresh from the oven displayed around it. The party was about to begin!


~Bonnie Cramner~



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