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To be surrounded by the beauty of nature in the Great Smoky Mountains takes me to a place deep within where I commune with the Creator of all I behold.  My quiet thoughts travel to the Cherokee peoples who walked the same paths as I now tread, making gentle, crunching sounds upon the fallen leaves and twigs.  What must they have felt here in the towering grandeur of this place?  I breathe deeply the aroma of this sacred sanctuary.  The earthy scents of late blooming flowers mingled with decay must have been the same for those early inhabitants.

When I stand quietly, alert to what is happening around me, I hear the gentle pecking of a woodpecker and the trill of birds calling to each other.  All seems calm.  I touch an ancient tree and feel the roughness of its bark, wishing it would whisper to me the stories of the people who have passed this way before me.  A gentle rustling sounds behind me and I look quickly to see a deer bounding away.  I’m on the look-out for black bears, but none come my way. This interlude from my busy life, and the respite from people who are ill, gives me strength to continue doing what I must.


~Cathy Chapman and J.K. Ingersoll~



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