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A small creature, but one believed to hold great power, roadrunners were revered as sacred by many Native American cultures.  Once considered to be able to protect against evil spirits . . . in real life, roadrunners are known for their bravery, speed and endurance.  They kill rattlesnakes, run faster than people, and have great endurance, moving quickly across large expanses of land for their relatively small size.

Regarded as good luck symbols, many Mexican Indian tribes believed they were a medicine bird and ate the meat of the road runner to aid in healing of the sick and to boost stamina and strength.  Mothers decorated their children’s cradleboards with the distinctive feathers to give them spiritual protection.  And, in an effort to ward off evil, dwellings were marked with a stylized symbol of the distinctive footprint of the roadrunner because its X-shaped print leaves no clue which way the roadrunner has traveled, thus confusing any predator.

~J.K. Ingersoll~



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