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It’s been over forty years, yet the slightest scent of peppermint will conjure up memories of my dad.  Our first home on Paris Street was surrounded by well-tended rose bushes and peppermint plants.  Every spring, he gathered roses and sprigs of peppermint and tied them into bouquets.  He delivered these beautifully scented gifts to all the ladies on our block, both young and old alike.

For a few short weeks, each spring, the air both in and around our house was filled with this glorious scent.  My father told me that peppermint would keep us from harm.  As a kid, I thought he was telling tall tales, but it turns out he wasn’t far off.

Legend has it that Hades, god of the underworld, developed a tendre for a nymph named Minthe.  Persephone, the wife of Hades, became very jealous and turned her into a lowly plant.  As his wife was grinding this plant into the dust, Hades changed Minthe into peppermint to protect his love from harm.  Forever after, when peppermint is crushed, a pleasing scent is released, reminding Hades of his lost love, and keeping us safe from his wrath.

~J.K. Ingersoll~



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