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In spite the wolf’s reputation as a creature to be feared, in the spiritual world, he is valued for his affinities with human kind. The wolf is a social, intelligent and friendly animal. He is one of the most faithful of all animal totem guides.

The wolf will bring wonderful qualities to your life; he tells us that we must cross barriers, take risks and go beyond what is considered “normal” behavior in order to learn and grow. He brings good energies into life such as faithfulness, intuition, inner strength and power.  As your guide, a wolf gives the strength and knowledge to stand alone, but he shows us the importance of family and friends.

The pack is the wolf’s survival mode, where he learns how to work together as a team and respect one another’s position. As leader, he uses his discipline to keep the other wolves in order but he also demonstrates great love and affection for all members of his pack. The wolfish qualities within your life may make you feel a need to spend time alone, but don’t deny the importance of companionship and togetherness. When you are alone, you feel fear and discomfort; this is your inner strength and power calling to you to face those feelings and learn to know your deepest self and the dark places within you.

Knowledge is gained through experience, and strength is gained through inner struggle. You can win these battles. To know and accept the wolf as your guide will bring these qualities into your life where they may be lacking.

~Bryan Goulstone~



Indian tribes such as the Sioux, Cheyenne, and Crow consider the presence of the wolf to be a sacred sign of strength, wisdom and courage.   For these peoples, the wolf is more than just an animal. It represents a symbol of qualities they would like to incorporate in their lives.    A dear friend of mine has told me of the strength she feels from her spiritual wolf energy which aides her as she navigates the difficulties of life.

There are also men and women who honor the gray wolf for what it can teach us.  They see beyond the creature itself to its inherent qualities which can offer support.  They use the designation of “Power Animal” to describe their relationship with this magnificent beast.  From this perspective, the gray wolf is seen as brave and loyal because it lives in complex, social structures offering support and sustenance through hunting.

The gray wolf, an endangered species, is being reintroduced to parts ofNorth America.  Their return to the wild produces strong yet divergent emotions.   Many ranchers hate and fear the wolf as predators that will decimate their livestock.   Yet, there are the conservationists who are thrilled at the chance to save such a magnificent species.   A delicate balance between the two worlds must be achieved for success.

~Cathy Chapman~



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