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In downtown Santa Fe, New Mexico sits a strikingly beautiful church known as Cathedral Bascilica of St. Francis of Assis.  This is the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Santa Fe.  It is here that priests and deacons are ordained and the Archbishop blesses the sacred oil used throughout the diocese during Holy Thursday, the Thursday before Easter.

Completed in 1886 under the direction of Archbishop Jean Baptiste Lamy, a native ofFrance, this magnificent structure contains hints of the grand cathedrals built in medievalFrance, such as the famous Notre Dame on the Seine River in Paris.  The land beneath this church was the location of two other churches, albeit much smaller ones.  A very small church built in 1626, was destroyed in 1680 when the people rose up in revolt against the Spanish who were colonizing their land.  A new adobe church was completed in 1717 so that people could come and worship according to their Catholic faith.  Then,  in 1869, the current structure was built to the honor and glory of God and has remained in service to its congregation ever since.

~Cathy Chapman~



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