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Curiosity is the source of all philosophies and inventions. The human desire to know “why” and “how” has led to world-shaking changes which range from fire, to the wheel, the automobile, to electronics and computers.  Wondering what mysteries lay beyond sight brought humans to explore the moon and beyond.

The need to know what was behind the process which made the plants grow, how the weather works and even the very essence of what makes us human propelled people within themselves to discover a consciousness, a Creator, a God with power and love beyond anything they knew or could fathom.  Wonderment about ourselves . . . what we can do and what we can be . . . sends each person into testing and stretching the gifts and talents we have.  Can we capture the perfect photograph which moves people to touch the sacred within themselves?  Who will be moved to find the solution to hunger upon this planet?  It is curiosity which makes real what would have, at one time, been called miracles.

~Cathy Chapman~



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