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We laughed as we greeted each other at the retreat center for this New Year’s Eve celebration. There were balloons galore and party hats adding to the festivities. The flutes and champagne sat on the tables waiting their turn to participate in the entertainment for the evening.¬† A chime sounded and abruptly, the engaging chatter ended. It was10:00 pm and all¬†moved silently into the make-shift chapel.

The priest invited us each to share our intentions for this evening. What healing in ourselves and our families were we asking God to grant? What pain and suffering in the world were we sending the solace of our prayers? Some requested healing from cancer, another . . . the soothing of grief from losing a spouse of 53 years. One woman spoke of the suffering of ill children in a country on the other side of the world.

Just before midnight, our voices rose in joint prayer and song in the celebration of the Catholic Mass. When the priest gave the final blessing upon us and the coming New Year, we laughed and hugged. As we moved to share champagne with the rest of the world, celebrating this beginning of a new cycle of life, we were at peace, having joined together to ask for blessings upon ourselves and the world.


~Cathy Chapman~


The review of the previous twelve months
requires quiet introspection
chased down with
bubbling almond champagne.

A reliving and an eventual release
before the reaching,
they clash together in a
ticker tape sky
following the dropping of the
silver ball.

The new year is daring me at once
to forgive and forget,
learn and let go.

The forthcoming period begs with
anticipation for me
to vow anew.

And I shall.


~Tam Veilleux





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